A ray of light

Yellow Sapphire

A small mine in Balangoda, a region in the Ratnapura-District on the island of Sri Lanka. Here, nature, mysticism and spirits guide the inhabitant’s daily life.

Matching the mysterious place, a mine unlike any other in the world was found. The mine hides blocks of crystal which formed eyes of sapphire. Said eyes are pure and don’t suffer of any colour zoning, inclusions or cracks.

Our astonishing 20 carat yellow sapphire was cut from one of these eyes. The combination of purity and flawless colour allowed the cutter to create an old cushion shape with rounded corners. The angular cut, which normally unveils imperfections, creates a ray of light and brings out the vibrant yellow colour.

Believes and habits around yellow sapphires are associated with the planet Jupiter. The most auspicious among our nine planets signifies luck, prosperity and matrimonially bliss. Wearing a yellow sapphire promises quick wealth and a sea of opportunities, but also injects happiness and joy.

The yellow sapphire’s powers are so strong that it guides spirits after they passed on. Some Indian cultures place a yellow sapphire in the mouth of the deceased where it is meant to accompany the spirit on his onward journey.

Sri Lanka holy cascades.